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Leden aan het woord: Antoon

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Elke maand kan je het verhaal lezen van één van onze leden.
Deze keer is Antoon aan het woord. Wil jij ook weten waarom hij met Krav Maga gestart is?

antoonHow Krav Maga became a part of my life and my heart

6 years ago I would never have even considered writing an article about anything remotely related to sports.

I then was angry at the world for being treated to an oversized part of misery in life. I blamed the world for everything that went wrong in my own life. I was aggressive, sad, depressed, frustrated and I thought that those feelings would be a part of my life for as long as I would live.

The tables just started turning for me 3 years ago when I met my girlfriend. She helped me get out of the circle of self-pity and slowly but with great determination she also lifted me out of the depression that had been part of my life for many years. She encouraged me to try new things, enjoy life, be less angry and more open. In those three great years, there were of course the usual ups and downs, but when I tended to turn again to my old habits, she reached out to me and got me through the darker nights.

I started feeling more relaxed, less angry, and more interested in taking good care of myself, both mentally and physically. I learned to like my life again and step by step I grew to love it again. These regained feelings of self-esteem and openness to try new things have led me where I am today. But in the next few lines I will illustrate how Krav Maga helped me to speed up dramatically this process of loving life.
It was only six months ago that I read an article about Krav Maga. I was instantly fascinated by the appearance of simplicity and efficiency that came with the techniques described in the article. When I told my girlfriend about it and suggested that I might like this self-defense system, she encouraged me to join a try out lesson of Krav Maga. I googled Krav Maga clubs and that is how I found IKM Krav Maga Leuven.

I remember the first lesson as it was yesterday. The weather was kind in August and therefore the training would take place outdoors behind the sports arena in Leuven. I showed up for the first try out training and was instructed to join the others in “doing what they were doing”. It was easier said than done. Being in not too great shape at that moment, the warm up exercise was intense and very confronting.
I had to sit down for at least ten minutes to recover but I didn’t back down. I put through and kept on trying to do what the others did. Now, six months after that sunny evening in August, after attending approximately 50 trainings and a two-day seminar with Gabi Noah, I embrace those tough warm-ups as they became valuable to me. Every time they convince me that I can be fitter, stronger, faster and in better shape than I ever was.

Krav Maga also helps me to channel my emotions. Participating in a training session after a stressful day at the office helps me to put things in perspective and allows me to stay focused, sharp and sane in an often insane fast paced working environment. It helps me in realizing that problems that you can’t solve are not problems at all. It also helps me to bend negative mental energy in positive physical energy. Another benefit of Krav Maga relates to my “being a Ferrari”-theory, which often makes my girlfriend smile.
When you drive a Ferrari and you hear somebody at the red light with a pimped out car placing his foot somewhat dramatically on the pedal… you do not even for a second feel the need to prove that you will be faster in a drag race to the next red lights.
You just know you will be. It’s the same with Krav Maga.
If nowadays someone acts aggressive towards me, whether it is in a car, in a mall, in a bar, at a party or on the street, I stay calm but focused. And as I have been in a lot of fights in the past, I now am perfectly able to put my ego aside and walk away without any harm done to anyone and especially to myself. That is what Krav Maga did for me and keeps on doing every single day of my life.
Thank you so much Sebastien an David and all co-Krav Maga students for training me, not only in an amazing self-defense system but even more in balancing my energy and mental abilities, and put them to great use in living my life.

– Antoon

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